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"Year of the Ox" Mega Event, FLOW Listed on & 20,000 USDT in Benefits for Everyone!

2021-02-12 11:55:12Read:37630 will be listing Flow - Dapper Labs (FLOW) trading on 12 February 2021 at 04:00 (UTC time). Flow is a new blockchain built for the next generation of apps, games, and the digital assets that power them. Official site:

Deposit FLOW at
Trade FLOW in USDT market via:
Trade FLOW in ETH market via:

To celebrate the listing of FLOW, we are going to launch the FLOW Bonanza Week Event, the $20,000 USDT giveaway benefit is waiting for you!

New users need to sign up to participate.

UTC time: 9 February 2021, 11:00 - 19 February, 11:00 (10 days)

Event 1: $8,000 in prizes for top 1,600 deposit users

The 1,600 users to deposit will share $8,000 USDT, First come, first served!
You need to deposit (deposit volume - withdrawal volume) at least 20 FLOW. Fill in the form to participate:

Deposit FLOW:

Event 2: Trade FLOW and win $10,000 USDT

During the event, Top 100 will share $10,000 USDT in terms of trade volume

1) First place: $1,300 USDT
2) 2nd place: $1,000 USDT
3) 3rd place: $750 USDT
4) 4th place: $580 USDT
5) Fifth place: $370 USDT
6th-100th users: share the $6,000 USDT proportional to their trading volume
*Note: 6th - 100th place share of the single award is capped at $350 USDT
Fill in the form to participate:

Benefit 3: Invite Friends to Trade & Share Extra $1,000 USDT

Invite your friends to sign up and trade for the first time, and you can win $10 USDT. The more friends you invite, the higher the reward! Up to $1000!
Fill in the form to participate:

Benefit 4: $10,000 USDTest for Twitter Giveaway
From now on, we will start a 7-day 10,000 USDTest Twitter Giveaway event to complete forwarding and following tasks and get lucky draw opportunities. After the event, we will draw 10 people from them and will give 1,000 USDTest.
Win your share:

Benefit 5: FLOW Telegram AMA, $500 FLOW Giveaway
We will launch the FLOW Telegram AMA activity in the near future, inviting FLOW project personnel to visit the Telegram group. During the Q&A period, 50 FLOW ($500 USD) airdrop benefits will be given out. Details of the event will be on Twitter and Telegram announced, so stay tuned!

App users visit the following address
FLOW Charging: App - "Wallet - "Spot Account - FLOW
FLOW Trading: App-->Coin Trading-->Select FLOW/USDT Trading Market in the top left corner

Trading Rules
1)The top 100 traders by trading volume are eligible for a reward. The trading volume is calculated in the following formula:
*(Buy volume + Sell volume) x a time factor
(excluding trading between one individual’s accounts)
2) As users of different VIP tiers have different trading fee costs, we will multiply the trading volume by (effective trading fee/VIP10 trading fee) to offset the trading fee cost differences.
3) As users with referrals have trading fee revenue, we will further normalize the trading volume based on whether they have referrals or not to offset the trading fee cost differences

Please note
1) Reward will be credited to winning accounts within 7 working days, after the activity has finished. You will be able to view details via Billing details.
2)The activity is available to users who have completed KYC. One user can only participate with one account. Subaccount itself can not participate as an independent account trading will contribute to that of its master account.
3)Users can take part in both,Only one bonus will be awarded to each user who have completed KYC in Event 2.
4)If any account is detected or reported as cheating and is confirmed after our investigation, will invalidate the participation of the account.

Risk warning: Users must be aware of the fact that currency tradings are affected by many factors, such as: the market, policies, and price fluctuations. It is difficult to predict the market, so users are strongly recommended to understand all the related information and be vigilant in regards to your investment actions. reserves the final right to interpret this activity. Team
February 12, 2021

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